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IT outsourcing

Save your resources and serve your customers efficiently

Video monitoring

Monitor everything that happens around you and stay safe

Networking projects

Create a well-planned internet network and work without failures.

SEO Marketing

We can help you deliver your customer “Voice” through search engines.

Website design

Create a comfortable and user-friendly site for your customers.

Setting up servers

Smooth communication is important for the smooth running of a company’s processes.


We will set up a call center and an internal telephone system for you.

Software Services

It is much more comfortable to work, study and relax with a device working properly.


advantages for business

Our advantages for business

Saving money


Risk reduction

Saving time

Experience and resources

In constant communication

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Calculate in advance the monthly IT outsourcing service fee for your organization

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Levan Gobronidze



Very Many Thanks to Helpdesk. The computer, which was almost dead, has been revived.

Sophy Tsomaia



The computer, which had been out of order for two months, started working. I highly recommend the Helpdesk team. They are real professionals and most importantly, they never bother to answer additional questions.

Nato Gamjashvili



Thank you very much for your help! God bless you for your good deeds! The computer has revived. Thus, my child will be able to learn more easily.

Levan Melikishvili



We have a small office and a team. We do not need the IT department all the time. I am happy to have discovered the Helpdesk. I often contact your team regarding various questions.

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